Developing the idea

After carefull examination and gap analysis, we reached a consensus that AI driven marketing is the apt domain for us to launch our ML/Blockchain ecosystem, the reasons are as follows:

  • Volume of data Marketing is a data goldmine. Ranging from campaign responses to server logs, we have access to good quality data aggregators. The channels themselves are ensuring that they remain viable and developer friendly
  • Data variety We have multiple sources of data and multiple views of the same entity (customer, lead, product, creative, copy)
  • Low complexity of data Data is well segmented, organised, machine readable
  • Low expectation from AI We are lower than Siri stage
From a business front, we identified the following gaps:
  • Technology is generic The tech used by most of the tools is often generic and directly imported from other domains. The academia remains the creative one, the driving force for innovation. Using deep learning is just a start.
  • The cycle isn't complete for most Most tools are aiming towards but still haven't hit the trifecta of Intelligence, Automation and Marketing specific. We feel one requires to have the goal before starting the project. It is tough to pivot to this green zone once you are a big ship. We are a speed boat.
  • We are not late Is this space crowded? yes, Is the marketing industry saturated with perfect AI driven objective automation? no. We feel the temprament of customers is more fickle than ever in this era of social media and mass outreach. One fake news can make or break an SME or leave a dent on an empire's shiny armour. Automation is not enough, perhaps intelligent scaling can do the trick. There is no monopoly in the AI based marketing industry, it's scattered with multiple players, we plan to be the most creative one. Did I say we were a speed boat? we are a torpedo!